Explore Your Data with ExPanD

Closing down for the year, I finally wrapped up a new ‘ExPanDaR’ version that now allows exploring all sorts of data interactively and generates notebooks containing the analysis on the fly. So here comes my little Christmas present for the wonderful RStats community!

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As the year is closing down, why not spend some of the free time to explore your email data using R and the tidyverse? When I learned that Mac OS Mail stores its internal data in a SQLite database file I was hooked. A quick dive in your email archive might uncover some of your old acquaintances. Let’s take a peak.

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Exploratory data analysis is important, everybody knows that. With R, it is also easy. Below you will see three lines of code that allow you to interactively explore the Preston Curve, the prominent association of country level real income per capita with life expectancy.

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Did you ever want to do a quick exploratory pass on a panel data set? Did you ever wish to give somebody (e.g., a reviewer or a fellow researcher), the opportunity to explore your data and your findings but can’t provide your raw data? Do you get bored from producing the same tables and figures over and over again for your panel data project? If your answer to one of the questions above is yes, then the new ExPanDaR R package might be worth a look.

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