ExPanDaR 0.5.3 Unreleased

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed bug that caused stargazer not to render plain OLS models

ExPanDaR 0.5.2 2020-12-05


Bug fixes:

  • Fixed notebook code for sub sampling (failed on sampling variables containing NAs)

  • Fixed a small issue in the Notebook generation code for the time trend and quantile trend chunks

  • Fixed display of prepare_regression_table() for logit model by group tables with fixed effects

Minor Issues:

  • Replaced lfe with plm package for fixed effect models as lfe has been removed from CRAN

  • Removed wbstats from Suggests as it is currently not on CRAN

  • Removed tidyquant package from Suggests as it depends on a package that requires R >= 3.5.0

  • Spelling

ExPanDaR 0.5.1 2020-01-29


  • Added a vignette to explain the notebook export option of ExPanD() and the resulting notebook

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed bug that stopped ExPanD() displays from rendering on user uploaded panel data

Minor Issues:

  • Updated World Bank data

  • Allowed ExPanD() to be called with ts_id == NULL and cs_id != NULL so that data frame variables can be specified as cross-sectional identifiers in the cross-sectional mode

  • Removed some artefacts in cross-sectional mode where cross-sectional and time series identifiers were still provided as variable options in the ExPanD() app

  • Included manual zip package import in NAMESPACE to make devtoools::check() happy on various CRAN systems

  • Changed shinyapps.io URLs in vignettes to plain HTTP as win-builder seems to have an issue with the SSL handshake of shinyapps.io

ExPanDaR 0.5.0 2020-01-10


  • Modified ExPanD() to process cross-sectional data with useful defaults

  • Implemented an export option that allows users to download a zip file containing the data and a R notebook based variant of the ExPanD analysis (export_nb_option = TRUE)

Minor issues:

ExPanDaR 0.4.0 2019-04-06


  • Introduced html_block tag in components to allow users to add self-designed html content to ExPanD()

  • Added sample_selection, subset_factor, grouping and udvars variables to components in ExPanD() so that these parts can also be re-arranged or omitted

  • Allowed user defined variables to be built on analysis variables and used in simple_mode

  • Added new vignette to explain new features

Bug fixes:

  • Made Stata import more robust

  • Fixed hover code in correlation and scatter plots to adjust for img_css_ratio

Minor issues:

  • Removed non-ASCII characters from NAMESPACE

  • Allowed more flexible handling of binary variables in ExPanD()

  • Added additional examples to Github repository (not in package)

  • Updated World Bank data

  • Switched to openssl package (Thank you to Jeroen Ooms for the PR)

  • Marginally improved error checking for config upload

ExPanDaR 0.3.0 2018-10-12


  • Removed the requirement for at least one non-numerical variable

  • Added by group violin plot

  • Included ! and is.na() as allowed functions for user defined variables

  • Introduced the option to change the order of reported components and to exclude selected components

  • Added clustered standard errors and fixed effects for logit models in prepare_regression_table()

  • Implemented binary response logit models in ExPanD()

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a sorting bug in long variable definition construction

  • Fixed a bug in ExPanD() extreme obs plot (was sorting on grouping variable)

Minor issues:

  • Removed the dependency with the CodeDepends package

  • Added rio package to the imports list

  • Added packages used by ExPanD() to NAMESPACE to make CRAN checks happy

  • UI cleanups

  • Fixed the definition of oint_ta in r3 dataset

  • Added a check to verify that ts_id is provided as an ordered vector

  • Fixed a typo in worldbank_var_def

  • Removed the drop_undersore parameter in prepare_regression_table() (no longer needed)

  • Work-around for special characters in stargazer column.labels

  • Marginally improved error handling for user provided data files

  • Allowed treat_outliers() to route parameters through to stats::quantile() (needed for type parameter)

  • Changed NA handling in prepare_graph type functions

ExPanDaR 0.2.0 2018-05-11

  • Initial version on CRAN