As a package maintainer you might be observing an increasing number of questions raised by people that have recently migrated to R 4.0.0 and are now trying to get your package to work. While migrating to a new version is always tempting maybe you don’t feel like disrupting your development environment just now as you have even more fun things to do. Fear not! A quick docker container can help you to test your package and its functionality without touching your main environment. Let me show you how.

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I have decided that the world needs another Covid-19 related R package. Not sure whether you agree, but the new package facilitates the direct download of various Covid-19 related data (including data on governmental measures) directly from authoritative sources. It also provides a flexible function and accompanying shiny app to visualize the spreading of the virus. Play around with the shiny app here if you like or hang around to learn more about the package.

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Joachim Gassen

Curious researcher, passionate teacher and coding nerd.

Professor of accounting at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin